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Come summers and we all love to relax and have a chilling drink! Why go for a drink which offers you only a limited flavour range?Cool bubble™ has the answer to it.

Cool bubble™ is one of the today's fastest growing beverage companies producing a full range of Carbonated, Juice type, traditional and New Age Ready-To-Drink products and soft drink concentrates  in 40+ variety

Market segmentation shows that Cola products account for nearly 60% of the total carbonates market.
Cool bubble TM uses the best natural identical flavours and produces a soft drink concentrates, which has the quality, the flavours and the sensorial balance comparable to that of the other leaders in the market.

Cool bubble™ offers leading consumer brands and has interesting new products in the pipeline.

Our traditional sodt drink flavors for soda pubs have unique taste profiles and successfully match the leading brands. This range of concentrates is available in regular with sugar & diet (sugar free) formulations.
The Cool bubble™ soda range specifically targets the price/quality ratio to allow bottler & soda pubs to increase both market share and return on investment.

Cool bubble™ ,soda flavors Apple , Banana, Black Current ,Blue Berry ,Blue Lagoon , Center Fresh, Chocolate , Clear Lemon, Coconut , Cola, Dadam (Anar), Falsa, Fruit Beer, Fruit Passion, Grape, Ice Cream, Jamrukh (Guava), Jeera Masala, Kachha Keri , Kala-Khatta , Khus, Kiwi, Lemon, Limy Lemon , Litchi, Mango, Masala Soda , Orange, Pepio , Pineapple, Raspberry, RED Gulab, Black Strawberry, Vimto, Water Melon, Zeera Masala.

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