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Pre-mix of tea & coffee
We are engaged in manufacturing of premix in a variety of flavors & processors of a wide range of coffee and tea premixes  with sugar , without sugar and
Sugar- free, for diabetic patients (with artificial sweeteners ) such as lemon tea premixes, cardamom tea premixes, ginger tea premixes ,Masala tea premix , kesari Masala milk premix  and many more. These coffee and tea premixes are prepared using raw and fresh ingredients which are procured from leading manufactures & vendors of the nation. Appreciated for rich taste, natural aroma, high nutritional content.
This premix can be served at any moment. You just add hot water so tea/coffee is ready. no need for vending machines . For larger requirements we provide Vending Machine, our excellent R&D team who is always in search of new products.
Packing in various size to suit to your requirements.

Plain Tea – Premix
Plain Tea Premix Our range of plain tea premix is full of freshness and refreshing taste and can be easily dissolved in hot water. We are offering the products in various pack sizes.

Masala Tea pre-mix  
 We have a variety of ready to serve Masala tea premixes, which have been widely used for strong taste lovers made from natural of ginger , Elaichi, and many more masalas to give refreshing mood.

Aadrak (Ginger) Tea pre-mix   Ginger Tea Premixes 
We offer ginger tea premixes which is prepared natural ingrediants. These ginger tea premixes are demanded strong flavor. Pure ginger powder is used to prepare these tea premixes which have strong anti-fungal and anti-spasmodic property for soothing stomach distress, sore throat ,cough & cold.

Elaichi Tea pre-mix            
We have available with us cardamom tea premixes which is made with fresh cardamoms seeds  to yield the original amazing smell & taste.

Lemon Tea pre-mix         
We offer a wide range of Lemon tea premix both served hot& cold,. These are widely used for medical properties and health conscious people. We make sure that these premixes are hygienically packed, so that we can retain their freshness for long.

Ukala- milk premix 
We make use of quality Masala and fresh milk powder, this mixture is exclusively packed. it is loved by all Gujarati & Jains. it widely used during marriages and festivals. 


Kesari Masala milk pre-mix   
We make use of quality and fresh almonds , Mixed with cardamom, saffron and fresh milk powder, this mixture is exclusively packed  , it  widely used during marriages , for good medical properties etc.

Coffee Premixes
Prepared using specially chosen coco beans  our coffee premixes has earned great  taste and aroma. These coffee premixes are processed under strict quality measures to provide optimum quality to our clients.  Taste like filter coffee also provided. Available with sugar, without sugar variety & sugar -free , for  diabetic patients (with artificial sweeteners ) & also available in different flavours


  • Pure and hygienically processed
  • Excellent aroma
  • Excellent  taste
  • Longer shelf life

Ingredients: Milk powder, tea/coffee extract, artificial sweeteners and natural masalas.
Approximate 9 gm sachets make 100 ml cup tea coffee.

Approximate 1 kg makes  120 cups
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