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Cool bubble™ - la Soda Pub specializes in non-alcoholic & non-pesticide flavored beverages with new generation’s taste like Rum, Vodka, Fruit beer, Whisky , chocolate, ice-tea , blue lagoon ,mint  and many more...

We have also captured natural flavours like lychee, orange, pineapple, mosambi, lemon, mango  etc. We also serve from traditional taste, like kalakhatta, kokum, lemon- ginger, phudina, Masala soda etc.

The Venture holds immense potential, we also wish to expand our brand & business, and we provide technical know-how and setup turnkey project. This is a great investment opportunity. The product itself is the main selling point here and as you'll have rightly analyzed, it needs to be expanded in the right direction. If  anyone interest to start this business with a will to make dream come true as an entrepreneur, Please contact us for any support in any part of the world to set up this business.

This is to give good blow to big cola manufacturers
So be Indian and buy Indian  ... Say no to packed cola  drinks
welcome the flavored fountain …………… soda's
Download  PROJECT REPORTin pdf  format.
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