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 .: About Sugar Free India
It is the new venture and a step of innovation in food industry to develop new products for the health conscious people and diabetic people to make their life more healthy & secure , we have tried to develop and under process to make sugar free products a small initiative by Mr. Arvind Vora M.S. (USA).

We have developed started manufacturing sugar free products :Soft drink concentrates , soda concentrates , ice creams , sweets, jam, tea & coffee pre mix es and more to come Neel- chem (India) was established in 1992 by. Mr. Arvind Vora M.S. (USA). who has well versatile experience in chemical field for more than 35 years, in sourcing, reprocess and contract manufacturing of more than 3000 laboratory chemicals. Neel-chem (India) started with a small beginning as Suppliers of Chemicals. Gradually the need was felt for expansion of business, enlarging the range of trading items, concentrating on market development of Agency products. We are now established for Import trade with the variety of product; range from indigenously and overseas manufactured.

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